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Our Mission is to Support Your Strategic Vision

AppFirst provides enterprise IT with the foundational insight required to realize their strategic vision.


For Who

Innovative enterprises focused on delivering IT solutions to the business where quality of service, total cost of ownership, and time to market are critical.


What We Do

AppFirst’s patented technology provides enterprises with continuous and complete visibility into all the applications and supporting resources in their IT ecosystem, regardless of the infrastructure. This enables organizations to achieve IT as a Service, continuously footprint applications to ensure performance and cost optimization, and proactively resolve issues.


Secret Sauce

Only AppFirst’s patented “Miss Nothing” collection technology provides the foundational data required to achieve your next-gen IT vision. Through auto-discovery and application topology mapping, you’ll understand the relationships between applications, how they interoperate, and the resources they utilize. This data is collected and processed for every application in your environment, regardless of infrastructure (cloud, virtual, physical, or hybrid), language, or deployment platform.


We live and die by our values at AppFirst

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We are successful only if our customers are successful

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All communications‐with employees, customers, partners, and shareholders‐are critical

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People First

We value trust, respect, and individual opinions - we live by the “golden rule”

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We create a fun and productive environment in our offices and on our website

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Give Back

We live within a community that supports us, and we are committed to supporting it in meaningful ways