AppFirst Collectors and Warden Containers

AppFirst now supports Warden container technology, which is used in CloudFoundry. Warden provides a service for managing a collection of containers and defines a protocol for clients to send requests to and receive responses from the server.

Warden containers make use of Linux cgroups. As such, many of the processes executing in a container are isolated from processes running in other containers as well as processes running in the underlying OS, outside of any cgroup context. This creates a scenario where details describing the application components running in the context of a container should be accessed from within the container context as opposed to from outside the container context in the underlying OS. This means that an AppFirst collector should be able to be installed in both the underlying OS and within each Warden container.

AppFirst support of CloudFoundry results in collectors installed using Bosh that provide details of the CloudFoundry system and servers. This install occurs when a CloudFoundry instance deploys servers. No user interaction should be required.

Examples are offered in the AppFirst support docs to describe how to install the collector in a Warden container. Collector and Warden containers

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