AppFirst + PagerDuty = Alerting Heaven

Two is better than one!

Managing all your performance alerts is now easier than ever. AppFirst now integrates with PagerDuty, providing the most complete operational data set and alert management solution available for operations teams.

AppFirst allows organizations to fully understand the resources required by an application and the manner in which it interacts with other applications, users and systems. By integrating with PagerDuty, these two important solutions now deliver a single, proactive alert management solution to get ahead of issues before end users notice.

With the AppFirst + PagerDuty Integration, you can now rest assured knowing any alerts you set will trigger and alert the right person (even if they’re fast asleep).

Setting us the AppFirst – PagerDuty integration can be done in three easy steps:

  1. Navigate to our Partners Page (Administration – Partners)
  2. Select PagerDuty from the drop-down menu
  3. Add your PagerDuty Account ID, API Key, and give it an Account Name.
    • Note: Your Account ID is the first part of your PagerDuty subdomain, e.g. CompanyName of
  4. Done! (not really a step)

To add or edit an alert to include PagerDuty alert details, head to Administration – Alerts. When configuring the alert, select the Users you want to receive the alert, as well as the PagerDuty partner service.

And that’s it! For the full integration guide, you can check it out at PagerDuty’s website.

Set those alerts, and get some sleep.

- The AppFirst Team

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