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Sasha Jeltuhin, CTO of Bridgevine, presented at the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure and Operations Summit today in Las Vegas. During his case study presentation, Sasha explains:
  1. Their makeover of infrastructure, software-upgrades and real-time application monitoring
  2. The key audiences and requirements for data collection and monitoring
  3. Why they selected AppFirst’s application operations platform
  4. Results to date

Below are the highlights from the presentation and reactions from those in the room…

Learn more about the requirements for web-scale monitoring in this brief, featuring Gartner research.


Bridgevine Selects AppFirst for Critical Application Data and Insights

AppFirst, the leader in unified application operations visibility, today announced that Bridgevine has selected its technology to deliver critical system insights across the entire stack. The implementation allows Bridgevine to make critical forward-thinking decisions with significantly improved visibility.

Bridgevine is a technology company that is committed to ensuring its clients never encounter a negative customer experience or disjointed interaction. Selecting the right technology partner to provide granular visibility across applications and infrastructure was a strategic decision for enabling the highest level of business uptime. After identifying detailed requirements and testing multiple solutions, they chose AppFirst.

“We drive 50+ million consumer touch points and enable millions of digital enrollments every year from our national catalogue of service providers,” said Sasha Jeltuhin, CTO of Bridgevine. “Due to the scale of our transactions and their importance to our business, we needed a miss nothing approach toward proactive monitoring of the platform, complex integrations with service providers and metric collection. This ensures we have a deterministic view of our environment and can see the details of every event across the stack, regardless of when they occur. As a company focused on delivering high quality services, legacy polled metric collection missed our requirements for data velocity, quality, operational efficiency and immediate insight.”

“With AppFirst, Bridgevine can quickly identify and solve for the root cause of any application or operational issue—whether it is in-house or from a third party service,” said David Roth, CEO of AppFirst. “The end result is a significantly improved customer experience and an improved bottom line.”

With AppFirst, organizations can see every interaction between the operating system and application components, regardless of when they occur, without impacting application performance. Installed in seconds, AppFirst’s patented collection technology eliminates the need for multiple agents or byte-code injection. All information is aggregated and time-synchronized in a big data platform to provide collaborative visibility across all groups. This delivers multiple benefits such as:

  • Dynamic topology mapping of applications and their associated server infrastructure.
  • Visualization of network data and transaction flows, along with their low level event details.
  • Deterministic information for capacity management, improved asset utilization and more.

About Bridgevine

Bridgevine, Inc. is the leading provider of customer acquisition and retention solutions to enterprise customers. The company’s SaaS-based platform is used by the leading companies in communications, entertainment, home security, and energy resulting in 50+ million consumer interactions annually. For more information, visit www.bridgevine.com.

Announcing The Enterprise-Grade Platform & Predictive Analytics Partnership

Today we are unveiling the enterprise version of the AppFirst platform with the option to securely run on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid scenarios. This next-generation of our platform comes with many other exciting announcements, including a partnership with Accretive to deliver a predictive analytics offering to help enterprises expose, anticipate and intervene in IT risks across organizational silos. This partnership, coupled with AppFirst’s enterprise-grade platform, provides unparalleled insight and predictive capabilities across all layers of an organization’s application stack.

Starting with Accretive, over the coming weeks and months we will announce a series of enterprise focused applications leveraging this platform, consisting of those developed by AppFirst, various partners and the enterprise community.

The Platform: A Universal Timeline of Events

AppFirst’s enterprise platform represents a paradigm shift from traditional monitoring and logging tools. It establishes a complete and universal timeline of events across an enterprise application environment – at a sub-millisecond level. This includes every application call, system event, log file entry, configuration change, third party application or custom code event, and data from thousands of plug-ins. This is accomplished through a patented data collection and aggregation methodology that provides an unmatched level of visibility – all correlated into a universal timeline that can live in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid environment. Armed with this platform, enterprises are now able to achieve granular and continuous visibility between IT and the business

“AppFirst is redefining what’s possible for executives looking to optimize the technology that runs their business. And it starts with setting a single sub-millisecond timeline across the entire enterprise stack. Unless you start with perfect data, you cannot achieve true visibility,” said David Roth, CEO and Co-Founder of AppFirst. “We are applying deep predictive analytics and applications on top of the most detailed data in the world.  Taken together, this finally offers CIOs the ability to truly manage cost, risk and capacity without fingerpointing or guessing.”

New capabilities of the AppFirst platform include:

  • Real-time service topology mapping
  • Predictive analytics
  • On-premise deployments

Real-time service topology mapping

Customers now have the ability to auto-discover and map their service and application topologies in real-time. AppFirst auto-installs under new custom or third-party application components as they come into your environment. Therefore, you’ll always have an up-to-date view of what is running and how it is running across your enterprise.

Real-time service topology mapping

Predictive analytics

By partnering with Accretive to update predictive analytic models in real-time, IT and business leaders can identify system limits, predict issues across the enterprise, and perform what-if analysis on how changing complexity will impact performance quality and cost.

“During the past 12-18 months, the use cases for our platform have extended far beyond incident response and troubleshooting,” continued Roth. “Our partnership with Accretive is the direct result of enterprise organizations looking to holistically optimize the business from the top – all the way down to the database or web server. We are now able to reset the standard for how organizations bridge business to IT.”

“Only the combination of AppFirst and Accretive provides business leaders with the real-time and forward-thinking visibility required for true IT continuity and optimization,” said Dr. Nabil Abuelata, CEO and Founder of Accretive. “Unlike traditional data warehousing and big data analytics technologies, it’s now possible to feed and update predictive models in real-time with a unified dataset to understand what is happening now and in the future. This capability delivers tremendous value to both the core business and IT operations. We are excited to work with AppFirst to change the way enterprises think about optimizing the entire technology chain that supports their business.”

On-premise deployments

In addition to the core SaaS & Private SaaS offering, customers can easily deploy AppFirst behind their firewall. This is critical for enterprise customers in highly regulated environments and in countries where data needs to securely reside within their borders.

AppFirst enterprise platform is now available for customers worldwide. To learn more:

Chat with a Field Engineer or Sign up for a 30 day free trial

Windows Collector Version 67 Now Available

The Windows collector version 67 is now available. Updates include:

  • Increased stability in collector and Windows library
  • Decreased bandwidth requirements
  • Increased support with programs that intercept functions (such at Citrix XenApp)
  • Troubleshooting improvements
  • General bug fixes

Get this new version by going to Administration – Collectors – Update Collectors. 

Web-Scale IT in the Enterprise

Enterprise IT organizations are turning to a portfolio of SaaS, PaaS and hybrid cloud services to quickly respond to the business at a lower price point while improving service levels. Yet a new level of transparency and data precision is required to effectively deliver on this promise. Only AppFirst delivers a miss nothing approach to collecting data across the entire IT ecosystem. With this foundational data set it is now possible for organizations to achieve:

  1. A steady-state high-definition view of your end-to-end application infrastructure as compared to the still- picture model that was state-of-the-art with legacy technologies.
  2. Significantly drive down costs while ensuring business critical service levels.
  3. A deterministic view of the n-tier application environment, eliminating the need to make probabilistic assumptions to manage the system.
  4. The correct data view to fully leverage automation and predictive analytics technologies.

This brief discusses the key learnings that Claus Moldt, former Global CIO for Salesforce.com took away from addressing these challenges. The need for a new approach is reiterated by the following Gartner research note on Building a Modern APM Architecture for the World of Web Scale IT.

Read the following report on Web-Scale IT in the Enterprise.

AppFirst on the APM Shortlist

ProfitBricks, a cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company, recently included AppFirst on a short list of application performance management tools that provide full-stack visibility, complete with diagnostics and actionable recommendations based on sophisticated data analysis.

The problem: Modern enterprises require robust tools that can monitor resources used by applications, correlate that data with meaningful user insights, and align performance with business processes.

Check out what they have to say about AppFirst: http://blog.profitbricks.com/application-performance-management-tools/