The Road to Comprehensive Monitoring & Immediate Insight

Sasha Jeltuhin, CTO of Bridgevine, presented at the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure and Operations Summit today in Las Vegas. During his case study presentation, Sasha explains:
  1. Their makeover of infrastructure, software-upgrades and real-time application monitoring
  2. The key audiences and requirements for data collection and monitoring
  3. Why they selected AppFirst’s application operations platform
  4. Results to date

Below are the highlights from the presentation and reactions from those in the room…

Learn more about the requirements for web-scale monitoring in this brief, featuring Gartner research.


AppFirst Named One Of The “2014 Hottest NYC Companies”

AppFirst has been selected as one of the hottest technology companies in New York City by Lead411.  Appearing in this series for the second year in a row, we’re excited about the momentum we are building across enterprise IT organizations and are proud to be included on this list. Starting with 1429 companies and narrowed down to the top 87, we’ve joined the winners circle with notable companies, AppNexus, Apprenda and General Assembly.

Check out the full list.

AppFirst Hires First VP of Sales, Ron Ranaldi, to Join New York Team

NEW YORK – March 24, 2014 – AppFirst, the patented data platform enabling IT to revolutionize how they collect and analyze data, today announced the appointment of its first Vice President of Sales, Ronald Ranaldi. Based in the company’s New York City headquarters, he will be responsible for global worldwide sales operations.

“Over the past five years since our launch, AppFirst continues to invest in its technology to exceed customer expectations in mission-critical markets,” said David Roth, CEO and founder of AppFirst. “With Ron at the helm as our first VP of Sales, we can confidently take the next step in achieving our potential by building a world-class field team to scale adoption and grow organically.”

Ranaldi brings more than two decades of experience selling enterprise technology and leading international sales teams to create new revenue opportunities, as well as sustain revenue growth. Most recently, he served as Director of Sales for application security leader Mocana Corporation, where he helped establish and implement go-to-market strategies for a new mobile-securitization model.

“Leveraging my 20-year career spent working with Fortune 500 technology leaders, I am excited to apply my diverse go-to-market expertise to help AppFirst achieve success with enterprise customers, ramp revenue and build a high-quality sales team that will help it achieve revenue objectives,” said Ranaldi.

For the prior decade, Ronald served in a variety of senior-level sales roles for numerous enterprises, including Validus DC Systems, LLC (sold to ABB); Rogue Wave Software (division of Quovadx, Inc., sold to Battery Ventures); Azul Systems, Inc.; Collaxa, Inc. (sold to Oracle); Kenamea; and BEA Systems, Inc. (WebLogic, sold to BEA). He started his career at Open Environment Corporation (IPO, sold to Borland International). Ronald holds a BS in business administration from Northeastern University in Boston.

About AppFirst:

AppFirst’s patented technology provides enterprises with continuous and complete visibility into all applications and supporting resources in their IT ecosystem, regardless of the infrastructure. With AppFirst, organizations can achieve IT-as-a-Service, continuously footprint applications to ensure performance and cost optimization, and proactively resolve issues. Founded in 2009, AppFirst is based in New York City, with venture backing from FirstMark Capital, First Round Capital, Javelin Partners and Safeguard Scientifics. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the AppFirst blog to stay up-to-date on the latest AppFirst news.

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Achieving Web-Scale in the Enterprise

On Tuesday, AppFirst CEO David Roth and Claus Moldt, CEO of m>Path and former Global CIO of, held a Q&A, “The Modern Data Center: Metrics for Achieving Web-Scale and IT as a Service.”

Claus shared his best practices for achieving business agility through web-scale IT from his tenure at and EBay.

View the slides below:

Click here to view the webinar on-demand where Claus Moldt walks through how he built out a web-scale framework at SalesForce and EBay.

AppFirst at AWS re:Invent: Empowering CIO’s

Another great time in Vegas for AWS re:Invent! In addition to great conversations, great speakers, and our new CloudWatch integration, our Director of Solutions Architecture, Bob Fox, was interviewed by Tim Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor for AVOA, about how CIO’s are taking advantage of the AppFirst platform.

- We’re providing CIO’s the ability to understand the real costs of applications, whether they’re running locally or in the cloud.
- We’re providing their development teams with access to see how their code is running in production.
- We’re providing their support teams with access to what’s going on to help reduce mean time to repair and investigate.

AppFirst Unveils New Initiatives to Deliver Business and IT Alignment

Business and System Risk Management Solutions Bring IT to the Executive Roundtable

NEW YORK, NY – March 26, 2012 – Responding to the growing need for CIOs to deliver a customer-obsessed technology model, AppFirst, provider of critical business and system visibility solutions, today announced three new initiatives to support an organizations’ move to completely align business and IT goals. The new programs are built upon AppFirst’s platform and solutions, which enable IT to integrate business performance and system metrics into a single repository. With that capability, organizations are impacted in powerful ways: by sharing insights about customers, engaging the organization to innovate at the most grassroots level, executing to bring that innovation to market; and resolving issues before their customers even know there is a problem.

The three new initiatives support the progression from a survival mode model where the business is just reacting to users complaining about systems, to a completely aligned organization where business and IT work hand-in-hand to manage those risks.
“Today it’s no longer good enough to be customer-focused – to survive, let alone be successful, you must be customer-obsessed,” said David Roth, AppFirst CEO. “IT is the solution to becoming obsessed, AppFirst completely dismisses the notion that IT will soon just disappear. IT sits at the nexus between customers and the business, making it the ideal conduit to communicate customer needs. AppFirst is delivering the solutions that will elevate IT to the strategic business model of other C-level executives, allowing organizations to make business and IT goals one and the same.”

IT is ideally positioned in the enterprise to drive and impact that customer obsession, and as the nexus point between customer and the services they consume, IT has focused and unique knowledge to lead the organization. As the role of the CIO evolves from simply managing assets to directly driving business innovation, organizations can utilize their unique visibility by sharing insight about customers with the rest of the organization, engaging the organization to innovate at a grassroots level, and executing on plans to bring that innovation to market.

In order to support this transition to true alignment, technology executives must have access to the business and system metrics that live within applications to provide critical business visibility through technical operations. AppFirst delivers the platform and solutions needed to be able to use those metrics to drive business.

“In today’s competitive market, companies must have clear insight into their own operations in order to make critical decisions about growth, pushing their systems while ensuring their customers’ satisfaction are still top priority,” said Christian Berczely, vice president of engineering for Intelligize, and AppFirst customer. “We were well aware we needed a higher level of visibility into our systems, but the thought of building and maintaining such a system was daunting, and costly. AppFirst’s solutions delivered exactly what we needed and I’m thrilled that my engineers can continue to focus on delivering features to our end users instead of building and maintaining a service like this. Today, we have clear visibility into our systems and applications and exactly how our customers are using them.”

“In the age of the customer, it’s more important than ever for enterprises to innovate to differentiate… I&O can be that spark that ignites innovation,” writes Jean Pierre Garbani, vice president and principal analyst for Forrester Research, Inc. in his October 4, 2011 report entitled Transform Your I&O Organization Into An Innovation Machine’. “Only in organizations that have a partner player relationship – where technology and its leaders are viewed as a critical to go-to-market offerings and provide a source of differentiation – will you be able to deliver unique and competitive solutions.”

AppFirst’s new initiatives support the steps required to build a true partner player relationship by delivering the platform and technology to allow a business to move from an organization devoid of any operations risk management to a model of complete alignment of business and IT operations.

AppFirst’s new initiatives deliver a complete package of solutions targeting people, process and technology that allow businesses to move along the path to a partner player model without incurring huge expenses. The three options, providing solutions to move from planning to alignment, include:

Jumpstart – Allow first time users of AppFirst to get up and running quickly in a planning mode to allow IT to be focused on managing system risks. The package implements a single view of operational risks and rapid root cause analysis, and AppFirst experts are even able to manage the initial set up for organizations short on time.

System Risk Management Solution – Following AppFirst’s continued commitment to DevOps teams, the System Risk Management solution delivers tools that provide a 360 degree view of risks and use baselines, enabling execution of any technical action from a common set of data. This allows companies to be alerted to, and prevent failures, and allows IT to evangelize prevention over recovery.

Business Risk Management Solution – The third package moves organizations to a truly aligned state where IT is the go-to source for business risk management by delivering technology that enables business performance metrics to be integrated into the risk framework.
For more information on these initiatives, or any other AppFirst solutions, please visit the website at

Join the AppFirst hosted webinar to learn more on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 10:00 am Pacific/1:00 pm Eastern, AppFirst chief marketing officer Pamela Roussos, with guest speaker Jean-Pierre Garbani, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, “How Tech Execs Can Move From the Backseat to the CEO Business Table”. Register for the Webinar before Wednesday; there is no charge to attend.

About AppFirst, Inc.
AppFirst is the leading SaaS-based provider of critical business and system visibility solutions that allow organizations to closely align their IT and business goals to manage business risks. Focused on mid-market IT executives, as well as application architects and DevOps, the company delivers the platform and solutions that integrate business performance and system metrics into a single repository, providing cause analysis at a glance.

The company provides a simple yet thorough way to use business and system-related metrics to quickly and easily identify the root cause of application and infrastructure problems and measure the impact to the business, increasing revenues and customer retention. Founded in 2009, AppFirst is a New York City-based company venture backed by FirstMark Capital, First Round Capital and Javelin Partners. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the AppFirst blog to stay up-to-date on the latest AppFirst news.

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The CIO Balancing Act

As IT executives evolve their responsibilities from day-to-day IT asset management to that of a business leader in the organization, how do they still do both successfully? As with so many things in life, it is all about finding that balance.

In his recent article in Forbes, contributor Perry Rotella discussed this balancing act and shared his thoughts on how CIOs can spend 80 percent of their time focused on the business agenda. Along with given, yet critical, points such as hiring the right people and empowering them to run the day-to-day business function, he notes that establishing business metrics and then focusing on the key metrics is essential if the CIO is to step up to the business table. This is a timely point because to me, IT goals are business goals. Any IT application at its most fundamental level is about the business; in fact I’d go so far to say that if an application is not about the business, it’s most likely weakening the business. CIOs today have access to tools and methodology solutions to assess and view critical business metrics, in a repeatable and highly consistent manner, providing enormous insight to leverage and work more successfully with cloud computing technology.

Rotella says that in establishing business metrics “..not only do solid metrics relate technology support directly to revenue and customers, but they enable the CIO to focus on managing by exception rather than getting caught up in technology management.” In other words, by focusing on the right key metrics, CIOs can impact the day-to-day running of the IT group, while still devoting much of their time to the business agenda. For instance, while ‘up-time availability’ might be a flashy number to throw around, Rotella contends that eradicating human error is much more critical. He’d rather see CIOs reviewing root-cause analysis of outages and understand any caused by human error. Then putting technology or processes in place to rid the organization of what he calls these ‘self-inflicted outages’ will have a much bigger impact. How are you taking advantage of today’s tools and solutions to leverage your step up to the business table?

We’re hosting a Webinar on March 28 at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern where we’ll be discussing “How Tech Execs Can Move From the Backseat to the CEO Business Table”. Our CMO Pamela Roussos is hosting the seminar, with featured guest speaker Jean-Pierre Garbani, vice president and principal analyst of Forrester Research, Inc. Please register today for this lively and informative discussion that will help you find your own balance between the IT department and the business table. There is no charge for the seminar and we welcome your participation!

Elevating CIO Roles to Their True Value

We’ve noticed quite a lot being written and shared lately about how CIO roles are changing, expanding and evolving in today’s business. Predictions range from CIOs roles shifting to finance, to disappearing completely, or, as we think, elevating to the strategic business roles of other C-level executives.

In fact we feel so strongly about this that we’re hosting a Webinar on “How Tech Execs Can Move From the Backseat to the CEO Business Table” on March 28 at 10:00 am Pacific/1:00 pm Eastern.  Our featured guest speaker will be Jean-Pierre Garbani, vice president and principal analyst of Forrester Research, Inc. and we’ll discuss the evolving role of the IT executive.

In a recent article in CFO World, author Roy Harris discusses a study by Getroniks UK on the changing role of the CFO, and that study also found that 43 percent of respondents think the role of the CIO will eventually be included in Finance; another 31 percent believe the future role of the CIO will be coming from a non-technical background. Non-technical? What’s a CIO to do?

Today’s technology – from the Cloud to virtualization and software-as-a-service (SaaS) is freeing up CIOs from daily asset management. Does this mean they’ll be ‘freed up’ right out of a job? Hardly. Tools and solutions available today provide insight and visibility into the business like never before. Smart business leaders will recognize that the CIO has unique visibility and insight from technical operations into critical business metrics such as revenue/session, number of logins, time it takes to start up a game and so much more.  In a press release accompanying the study Getroniks UK CEO Mark Cook notes, “Only by freeing up CIOs from the day-to-day burden of managing assets will organizations be able to truly realize the value that a CIO can bring their business.” We couldn’t agree more.

In today’s business, with its emphasis on customer behavior and experience, application metrics are business metrics, and IT roles are business roles. Companies that recognize this and leverage it are in a stronger position for success. They recognize the evolving role of the CIO, and rather than talking about making it more finance-centric or getting rid of it altogether, they are elevating the role of the CIO to where it belongs: at the CEO business table. Smart companies know that CIOs and technology executives have unique and powerful knowledge of application metrics that provide critical business visibility through technical operations.  They allow a company that was merely customer-focused to become customer-obsessed. They have made IT goals and business goals one and the same. They have elevated the CIO to leverage their unique visibility to drive innovation, manage risks and propel business success.

Please join us for what is sure to be a lively discussion on elevating the role of the technology executive. Our Webinar is hosted by our CMO Pamela Roussos and features guest speaker Jean-Pierre Garbani, vice president and principal analyst of Forrester Research, Inc. There is no charge for the Webinar, so register today and join the conversation. You’ll learn the different archetypes of IT organizations, how to create and support IT as a partner player, how to create an innovation process, how to effectively share visibility into your company’s customer experience, and how your IT organization can engage to fund innovation for business success. Please join us!