Introducing AppFirst Support for CloudWatch

AppFirst is back at AWS re:Invent this week and is proud to announce our newest integration into our big data platform: CloudWatch. Last year, almost everybody we talked to asked us if we integrate with CloudWatch. And now we do!

So why use AppFirst if you already use CloudWatch?

With this new integration, AppFirst is offering CloudWatch users a single source of truth into the real resource utilization and configurations of their AWS instances.

AppFirst allows an organization to fully understand the resources required by an application, as well as the manner in which it interacts with other
applications, users and systems. We do this by collecting very granular metrics about your app stacks and provide this data to you in real-time. We’ll show you per-process metrics for cpu, disk, average response time, socket responses, files opened, file R/W, memory, network connections, network I/O, threads, and much more. We call this our Miss Nothing Data.

But why is this important you may ask..

We work hard to give our users a complete view into their applications and infrastructure. By integrating CloudWatch metrics into our platform and normalizing it with our Miss Nothing Data (as well as your logs, statsd, Nagios, and much more), you’ll get unparalleled visibility. This data helps you:

  • Get a firm understanding of your AWS billing info per AWS service
  • Understand your application infrastructure over time – AppFirst stores data for up to one year, enabling users to visualize historical trends for
  • Recapture stolen time – A visual graph provides at-a-glance confirmation when instances need to be moved to another region for better performance and resource utilization.
  • Understand application footprints – Recording of the actual application footprint running over time enables accurate comparing and contrasting of the same application running on different servers.
  • Re-imagine capacity planning – Add or remove resources based on live application behavior – the direct measure of service effectiveness.

Don’t be limited. You can’t manage what you can’t see. But here is what you can see with AppFirst and CloudWatch:

2 thoughts on “Introducing AppFirst Support for CloudWatch

  1. So how exactly do we turn this on? I have collectors installed on EC2′s. I dont see any options to see the metrics or turn them on. The only EC2 piece I found in AppFirst was to add a Provider

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