Managing the Cloud with Devices

With the ongoing transition of IT organizations from physical to virtual environments, the desire for complete visibility across the stack becomes ever more important. AppFirst has worked hard to bring a complete and real-time visibility to applications and resources, and we’ve taken another step forward by offering deeper visibility into the hypervisor.

Our initial release of “Devices” and support for VMware’s ESXi showcases a single point of access for understanding your full stack application and the virtualized environment in which it lives.

This is important for a couple of key reasons:

  1. Visibility into application resources breaks down in a virtual environment when stolen time increases – even at 10% stolen time, CPU metrics become almost meaningless, making things much more difficult to manage.

  2. Telling a consistent story from virtualization is critical in maintaining and improving your environment. Having hypervisor access visibility with ESXi lets you compare the information at the VM level with the Hypervisor to see how much is going on between the two.

Devices support goes beyond just hypervisors and ESXi though. The goal of devices is to provide full insight across agent and agentless monitoring and providing a UI that is consistent. For practical purposes, this means you no longer have to query edge network devices by browsing through a server for instance. You don’t need to locate and manage plugins on hosts and pass this knowledge through your organization as “tribal” – something known by the administrators through their own interactions. You can now see your routers or other agentless devices as their own services with their own service measurements.

So if you’re using VMware ESXi, check out our help documentation for how to get started with Devices. We’d love to know what you think and how we can make it easier to get visibility into your hypervisor.

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