[New Feature] Check off Alerts as Resolved

Hard drive filling up but won’t be able to delete anything for a while? Have a server that has some planned heavy lifting to do for a few hours? Now you can resolve your alerts and let everyone watching know that even though something isn’t normal, it’s OK.

Whenever an alert is triggered, you can resolve it either from the email or on the Workbench – Alert Status.

When resolving in the UI, click the “Resolve” button next to the alert you’re resolving.

AppFirst - Resolve Alert

After clicking the button, a pop-up module will prompt you to confirm your alert resolution. Click the “Resolve” button to confirm.

AppFirst - Confirm Alert Resolution

After resolving the alert, the status will be “RESOLVED” for the remaining duration of the alert.

AppFirst - Resolved Alert

Once the alert condition is no longer being met, the status will return to “OK” and the alert will trigger as normal.

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