Reminder: API Versions 3 & 4 will be shut off Monday, March 16th

This is a reminder that we will be shutting off API versions 3 & 4 on Monday, March 16, 2015 and will now be required to use our API version 5.

All documents can be found at for any assistance that may be needed in setting up API version 5.

If you have any questions at all, please email

API Updates: V5

Key points for new API v5:

  • The new v5 API uses a different method for versioning. The old API took a version in the URL like The new API takes a version in the HTTP Accept header like “application/json; version=5″ and the URL for servers is be just without a version in the URL.
  • The new API offers several return data formats that can be specified in the Accept header:
    • application/json; version=5
    • application/xml; version=5
    • application/yaml; version=5
  • The new API also has a web-browsable interface for convenience when developing. It is accessible at
    • Note that the /api/dev/ URL should only be used for development/testing and not in actual code as it will move to /api/ when v5 becomes the default version. Versions should be in the Accept header
  • The return fields and input fields have changed slightly for certain endpoints in order to standardize field names and provide a more consistent interface for users. Applications currently interacting with v4 of the API will probably need to be updated, but the changes required should not be too complicated. The new return formats can be seen on the web-browsable interface. Support documentation will be updated shortly.
  • There is a new Python client wrapper available at which makes integrating API calls into Python code much more convenient.
  • The new API v5 will become the default on February 16, 2015, at which point v3/v4 will be deprecated. Versions 3 & 4 will be shut off on March 16, 2015.

What’s New At AppFirst 9/22/10

Here’s what’s new at AppFirst this week!

New Features

  • Historical Minutes- You can now view historical minutes in Data Flow
  • Visual Updates - We updated the look and feel of the subtabs nav

Bug Fixes

  • You can now input international addresses and credit cards
  • “Show All” buttons on Monitor now stay open when the data automatically refreshes
  • The link to the widget full view (on the left of the Monitor screen) is now removed when the widget is removed
  • Resolve no longer resets your viewing window when it automatically refreshes
  • Fixed multiple problems with broken pages in IE
  • We now handle errors more gracefully and show clearer messages to the user on all widgets, particularly the Applications widget
  • We removed the dependency on the library that caused us problems earlier this week – again, thanks for your patience while we figured that out!
  • Fixed several bugs with the Python bindings to the collector API
  • Collector now correctly measures open socket time on older CPUs
  • Collector correctly continues to collect data even when AppFirst is down and it can’t upload the data


Have you noticed a problem that needs fixing, or do you have a great idea for a new feature on AppFirst? Let us know! We rely on your feedback to make a product that works for everyone!