Linux Collector Version 108 Total Recall!!

With the recent release of the Linux Collector version 108 we have isolated a bug with 32-bit applications on 64-bit servers. We have released a new version 109 of the Collector which updating to will resolve the bug of 32-bit applications on 64-bit servers.

For any customers that have already updated to v108 it is recommended to update to v109 ASAP.

Updating the Collector can be done in the user interface under Admin -> Collectors and or can be found how to manually do so in the Getting Started document.

Support for Zones & Containers

Support for Zones & Containers

Jan 19, 2015

Back in April we announced the beta release of our Solaris Collector (As a reminder, the Solaris collector works with Solaris 10 and 11 on both SPARC and Intel platforms). Solaris has been receiving rave reviews in beta and the next step in improving Solaris collecting was to provide additional support by collecting within Solaris Zones. Now the AppFirst Collector fully supports both Global and Non-Global Solaris Zones.
You can see all the details about how to install and view your zones in our docs:

And why stop there?

We also decided you needed more details into your Linux Container. So now, the AppFirst Collector can capture details on process and application details in specific Docker containers. See the support documentation for details on how to install on your host OS or directly into a container here: