Pricing is based on a per-collector basis | One collector per instance


Hosted Standard



For startups and SMBs who have few sources of data

  • Collector Limit: Unlimited
  • Daily Data Cap: 500m/col.
  • Data Retention: One Month

Hosted Professional



For Enterprises who need trends from various data sets

  • Collector Limit: Unlimited
  • Daily Data Cap: 1G/collector
  • Data Retention: One Year

Private Cloud

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For Enterprises who prefer a dedicated AppFirst cloud

  • Plans Start at 1,000 Collectors
  • Each Plan is Customized
  • Multi-tenant Capabilities


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For Enterprises who need to store data behind their firewall

  • Plans Start at 1,000 Collectors
  • Each Plan is Customized
  • Multi-tenant Capabilities
For discounting on >100 instances, contact us at

Pricing FAQs

What happens when my trial ends?

At the end of your trial you can upgrade your account to our Standard or Professional plan (which you can also do at any time during your trial). If you choose not to upgrade, your account will be downgraded to a Free plan (2 collectors, 250m/day/collector, 3 day retention).

Are the daily data caps aggregated across my environment?

Yes. For example, if you’re using the Professional plan with 100 collectors running, you have a total 100G daily data cap (1G/collector * 100 collectors). That allows you to distribute your data cap across your total number of instances.

How do I upgrade?

To update, go to Administration—Account and click the Change Plan link next to “Account Type.” Please note, only the owner of the account can upgrade or change plan types.

What is a collector?

A collector is a patented piece of software that you deploy on any instance (physical server, VM, cloud). It continuously collects performance data down to the microsecond with negligible overhead. Read more about the collector.

Are collectors language specific?

AppFirst collectors are language agnostic. Any language that your applications are written in will be supported in AppFirst. In addition, our collector supports any infrastructure you’re on (cloud, virtual, physical, or hybrid).


Do you offer annual subscriptions?

Yes. To learn more about annual subscriptions or volume discounts contact us at

For the hosted option, how secure is my data?

That is a wonderful question, and data security is of our utmost concern. At the transport level, all performance data is compressed and sent over SSL to the AppFirst Cloud, which is hosted at a SOC-2 compliant facility with hardened servers. Our multi-tenant platform ensures that only you have access to your performance metadata.

Can I cancel my service at any time?

Yes. If you’d like to cancel your service, head to the Administration—Account page and click the Contact Us link next to “Delete Account.”

Is there an additional cost for data integrations?

You can integrate any data you’re using into the AppFirst platform without additional cost. Extra costs incur only if you go above the daily data cap. Daily data cap overages are billed in 10G increments at $100/10G.

What is usage-based pricing?

Usage-based pricing means you only pay for what you use. For example, if you’re spinning cloud instances up and down, you’ll only pay for the time those instances are running and not the whole cost per month.