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An innovative and intuitive approach to managing your applications and infrastructure.

  • API’s for Everything
  • Embed
  • Web Console
API’s for Everything

API’s for Everything

Leverage REST APIs to work with AppFirst’s data anywhere you need it. Take this data to deterministically power automation tools, predictive analytics engines, or build applications on top of it.



Take advantage of AppFirst’s open-sourced UI to embed aspects of the AppFirst web console into any platform or tool you’re already using. Whether you’re using ServiceNow’s CMDB, a homegrown solution, or any major enterprise tool, such as BMC, IBM, CA, HP, you can now embed AppFirst’s Dataflow and other UI components wherever you need it.

Web Console

Web Console

Operate inside of AppFirst's web console, using beautiful Dashboards and Server Topologies, as well as our robust Correlation UI and Log Search & Watch tools. All made available for you in our high-powered SaaS portal.


Spend less time considering how and what data to collect in your environment. With AppFirst, we'll automatically detect all application components running on each tier of your ecosystem, whether they're web servers, databases, custom apps, packaged apps, and so on. You no longer need to ask “what should I monitor?”


Dashboards provide at-a-glance insight into the health of your end-to-end environment, allowing your entire team to stay ahead of performance issues. Reduce tedious time configuring dashboards: AppFirst will auto-configure dashboard views based on the metrics we’ve auto-detected on your machines.


Create threshold alerts or more advanced analytical alerts on all metrics collected in AppFirst. Analytical alerts dynamically learn and change thresholds based on live application behavior, decreasing the amount of time you need to spend updating alert thresholds over time. You can also connect your existing PagerDuty configuration with AppFirst.


Finally, a way to visualize the performance of your end-to-end environment using a universal timeline. AppFirst aggregates and normalizes data across your entire ecosystem, allowing you correlate metrics from any tier, application or resource. Inspect a single VM/server or overlay any number of data sets, including logs, polled data, statsD or any other data source.


Understand the flow of of data across your network, including the volume of network traffic, and average response times between VMs/servers and processes. Track down processes with slow response times – whether it was due to service configurations, poor coding techniques or even a bad SQL join statement.

Logs as a Service

Ingest all of your logs into AppFirst to view them in the context of your whole environment. Perform keyword searches on all your logs or watch as they come in live. Create log alerts or correlate your logs with any other metric and drill down to visualize all your logs at any point in time.