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MLB Team

Knowing our application’s historical footprint was instrumental in the design spec for virtualization, which led to high performance at a low cost.

“AppFirst has helped us transition from being reactive to proactive.”
MLB Team’s Director of Application Development

the goals

  • The team needed a solution that could provide them more granular visibility into what was happening with their SQL environment after a failed virtualization attempt
  • They needed to eliminate their daily outages so employees could access team-critical data
  • Even though the first attempt at virtualization was unsuccessful, they still wanted to virtualize
  • They needed a tool that could footprint their SQL application so they could properly design for their next virtualization attempt

the approach

  • Implemented AppFirst as the first line of defense to know when and where problems arose
  • Relied on the continuous and granular visibility AppFirst provided to mitigate the frequency of outages that were affecting their application and employees
  • Used AppFirst to identify their application footprint to understand what resources their application needed

the result

  • Understanding their application footprint enabled the team to virtualize successfully, reducing operational costs by 45% and achieving system availability
  • Employees were able to access their data without dealing with daily downtime
  • This allowed the IT team to shift from being reactive to proactive
  • The team can now focus on understanding where their application’s efficiencies are and at what point they’re degrading their service