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Easy integration with Chef and Nagios Plus Process-Level Visibility Lets Yipit Focus on Building out their Product.

“The visibility we now have via AppFirst’s solutions allows us to improve our system reliability, increase customer click-throughs, and improve network response times. All of this leads to happy customers and a successful business.”
Andrew Gross
DevOps Engineer,

the goals

  • AWS monitoring didn’t give the granular data Yipit needed
  • They needed a monitoring solution optimized for a virtual environment
  • Routine data center issues caused slow communications with customers
  • Had trouble fixing issues before they impacted customers

the approach

  • Implemented AppFirst as a cost-effective solution that provides plenty of opportunity to scale as Yipit grows
  • Rely on alerts to notify them of issues before they become problems and affect customers
  • Integrated AppFirst into Chef deployments to ensure collector is deployed on all new virtual servers
  • Easy integration with Nagios gives Yipit more visibility into their systems
  • Correlate tool enables team to pinpoint issues across many data sources down to the individual process

the result

  • Quick time to value: AppFirst identified a constant disk space issue after install
  • Reliability of systems/servers and network response time all greatly improved
  • Increase in customer CTR due to increased queue speed and faster email distribution
  • AppFirst monitoring gave confidence to expand from one Redis server to 4 Redis clusters
  • Process-level visibility helped restructure hardware needs to save Yipit money and manpower
  • Enabled Yipit to add live testing in automated parts of their infrastructure