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IT as a Service is the Vision

This can only be accomplished with complete visibility into the IT ecosystem. This insight has not been available. Until now.


Without AppFirst

Estimate, overspend, instrument a lot of code and leverage old technologies.


With AppFirst

Deliver best in class services with the most complete data set ever available.

Consolidation and Cost-Savings

Today, people are over-provisioning and simply throwing resources at applications that are experiencing performance issues. Meanwhile, the goal is to consolidate and rightsize the delivery of these services. This means providing adequate resources for performance while minimizing cost. AppFirst’s patented collection of data about every resource required by your application provides a detailed footprint of actual usage metrics. Having this data enables more intelligent decisions about resource allocation in virtual and cloud deployments.

Chargebacks and Usage-Based Pricing

Traditionally, charging the internal user is a guessing game - take the total spend and divide it by total users. In the modern data center, IT needs the ability to support the mission critical business applications and charge back to the users for those services. Only AppFirst provides the granular insight required to understand the costs of every resource tied back to the user consuming those resources.

A New Level of Transparency and Accountability

Historically, SLA’s have been measured in absolutes—terms like downtime and uptime. However, IT understands it needs to report on all the components of everything that makes up a service, including latency and external reliances. As the service provider to the business, you need insight to commit to appropriate service levels. The need is to know how everything is running and be able to report those metrics back to the business. With AppFirst you can visualize components that make up a service and create SLA’s on items like acceptable response time and transaction counts.

Enable Automation

The ultimate goal is for less human interaction and end user complaints. The tools and processes for automation are there, but the events that trigger them are typically based on items like total outage and known failures. Robust automation can only be accomplished with more data driven triggers to automate scale and recovery. Only AppFirst provides the complete data required to fully harness automated decision making. Combining automation with this data set creates a solution that has never been possible. Until now. See automation solutions we integrate with.