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Solutions for the Modern Data Center

Empowering enterprise IT leaders to strike the balance between cost of ownership and quality of service when running on shared and distributed resources



When alerted to an error, message, or process that has never been seen, you’ll want human interaction to help make sense of it. AppFirst’s flexible alerting and API integrations facilitates getting this type of data in front of the correct set of eyes.

Further, imagine the efficiencies of setting up a new environment or feeding a policy engine immediately following a known event. Without setting the clock at the foundation, automation tools miss the opportunity to act on what would be reusable objects. With AppFirst, never miss an opportunity to take action.


When every event within your ecosystem is captured on a subsecond level, the power of predictive analytics technologies can be harnessed to solve complex problems. AppFirst provides access to this wealth of information via published RESTful APIs.

Without this data, analytical tools rely on probabilistic mathematical models leaving recommendations open to interpretation. With AppFirst setting the clock at the foundation, deterministic recommendations are now possible.


Collected events provide the tick-marks in a time-series analysis. Data can be correlated around the exact moment at which an event occurred. This normalized view of your IT ecosystem can be layered with data from virtually any source.

Solutions that rely on system time or a timestamp can leave you with an non-normalized, uncorrelated set of events.

Foundational Data Collection

AppFirst’s patented data platform has revolutionized the ability to collect and analyze data.

For the first time, organizations can see every interaction between the OS and every application component, down to the microsecond. This sub-second collection “sets the clock” for any event or metric, allowing you to definitively charge back to users, understand consumption for capacity, and identify when your app becomes wobbly.

Without capturing events inside of one second, existing analytical and automation tools can only make probabilistic recommendations. Waiting for multiple failures is not a sensical approach to feed alert and automation systems.