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Proactive Issue Identification

Finally, a solution to see how every application is running on the shared infrastructure you own


Without AppFirst

End users tell IT about issues. Now starts the blame game.


With AppFirst

One complete data set for a single source of truth.

Predictive Resolution

Applications go wobbly before they crash. Watching for this, and alerting on things that aren’t quite right, is a big challenge. To do so you need to know where app performance issues are coming from. Is it the infrastructure? Did the environment change? Is there a resource issue? And how do I prove it? Only AppFirst can perform continuous event collection across the entire ecosystem and correlate it into a universal time-series. Now you can identify the primary indicators of when the app and infrastructure become wobbly.

Read how a Major League Baseball team gets ahead of issues.

Predictive Resolution
Predictive Resolution

Deterministic Root Cause

Traditional root cause analytics are forced to settle with incomplete data - gaps in time and siloed metrics. With an incomplete view, probabilistic root cause is the best you can do. But probable is no longer good enough. Only AppFirst can deterministically get to root cause by directly measuring response time and accurate resource utilization metrics. This approach isolates both utilization and configuration change based issues. Complete and granular collection of every event across every component and system is the only way to achieve this. With a single source of truth you can finally stop the blame game.

Read more in the white paper The Need for AppOps in the Dynamic Data Center and Cloud.

Analytical Alerting

Web-scale infrastructures and the applications they host are no longer static. “Normal” behavior can no longer be viewed as a line in the sand, but as a constant changing of the tide. AppFirst provides an adaptive alerting system that notifies the user when behavior deviates from the ever-changing norm. By seeing data at a microsecond resolution, AppFirst is able to detect all changes and alert on the most statistically relevant issues.

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Analytical Alerting