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A Revolution in Data

Patented foundational data enables complete visibility at microsecond resolution


High Frequency Metric Collection

Those responsible for the infrastructure need a new way to continuously understand the performance of every application running on the shared resources they own. However, all solutions to date can only provide small snapshots into the health of an application and its associated components—typically at one second to several minute intervals. Yet in the course of a single second, one CPU will perform hundreds of millions of instructions. With 32 cores on a typical server you’re looking at BILLIONS of instructions executed in a second. What did you just miss?

The modern enterprise needs a solution that will collect events as they occur across every process, component and application on every server and VM. With complete and granular insight, you can now deterministically get to root cause, cost-effectively migrate applications, and improve capacity planning and cost management. All now possible from detailed information you've never been able to utilize before.

Setting the Universal Clock

AppFirst’s collector runs continuously and catches every function call between the app and the OS, allowing it to see every action inside of a second. By that definition, AppFirst is laying down the foundation for the time series. This allows you to then layer on data from virtually any source and see a normalized sequence of events across your ecosystem. Now you can truly correlate data to the exact moment at which something happened.

Without owning the clock, each of your traditional systems will provide data sets on their own time-interval, leaving you with an un-normalized, un-correlated set of events.

Collect Everything...

Every Application

Every Process

Every Thread

Every File Operation

Every Network Connection

Every Access to Registry

Every System Metric

Every Configuration Change